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Once you Order your TV Service ($49.95), you'll receive the following.

1. Your 1st Month TV/Video Activation Codes (3 Codes) - Gives You Immediate Access To 500+ Live Channels!
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Within 24 Hours of receiving your Referral Website, we'll start to advertise it for you. We advertise your website and help you to start making money, by Matching your Referrals up to 3. This means for every Referral you get, we'll also give you a Referral, until your 3rd Referral - This Totals 6 Referrals! This means you'll be getting your service for Free each Month, while earning an additional $10.00 as well, but this is only the start! ***Continue Reading!***

Not only do we Advertise your Referral page, but we also advertise the Referral Pages of all those who are in your organization, which we'll continue to do until you've reached $3000.00 a Month! Since we start Advertising your Referral Page within 24 Hours of your Order, there is a possibility that we'll get your 1st Referral before you do!

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How We Advertise Your Referral Page!

We advertise Referral Website pages by including them in our "Free Trial" Button at the top of our website. Each Member's Referral Website Address rotates inside the button, which allows all Referral websites to share in Teluvision Referrals, and we're currently receiving 100+ Referrals Each Day, and Growing!

To see how this works, click on the link below. Once you've accessed the page, click on the "Free Trial" Button a few times to see how our Referral Websites rotate. If you look in the Top Right Corner of each Referral Page after clicking on the "Free Trial" Button, you'll notice there is a different Members Name each time.


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